Chasing Anger

At 87 and living alone, Mary was having no fun at all. In fact, she was becoming paranoid and agitated and was neglecting the self-care routines that had once been important to her. She could no longer cook meals safely on her own, but she had so much trouble trusting others that she refused offers for help. Her only child, a son, lived far away.

Mary’s solution was, in part, alcohol, a problem that plagues many older seniors who have trouble accepting their decline in health. We understood her issues and fears and for over eight years became her care management team. We provided a comprehensive suite of services that enabled her to live at home for as long as possible. And when she was no longer safe in her house, we managed a smooth relocation to an assisted living facility.

A plan that evolved with Mary’s changing needs

We tailored our services to our clients’ needs and goals. Mary required significant help with the day-to-day management of her care. We became responsible for:

  • Hiring 24/7 Caregivers—implementing and monitoring services
  • Managing medical team of physicians
  • Medication Management
  • A nutritional plan based on her health issues
  • Supported alcohol rehabilitation and oversight
  • Regular communication updates to family member
  • End of life support—helped with end of life decisions, hospice and comfort care

Mary was one of our favorite success stories. By acting as her advocates, we developed trust and rapport. She became calmer, less agitated and more cooperative. She stopped drinking and we provided her family with peace of mind from a distance. Her social life improved with a full-time companion. We’re proud of helping guide Mary safely through her journey.