Redefining Home as You Age

Just because a home is familiar does not mean that it is the best environment for you to grow old in. Sometimes change—as hard as it seems—is a ticket to a more fulfilling life.

In Peter’s case, he was burdened by chronic health conditions and numerous mental health issues. He suffered from anxiety, paranoia and agitation. He had difficulty managing on his own in a board-and-care facility that was no longer adequate for is needs. On top of that, he had unhealthy and compulsive spending habits that made him financially insecure.

Peter required a strong advocate and Faenzi Associates provided the necessary support. We developed a plan that covered the full range of Peter’s care needs—physical and mental health, medical advocacy, and financial oversight and have been helping him for over eight years.

  • Worked with Special Needs Trust—overseeing finances and managing care and daily activities
  • Became his Durable Power of Attorney—overseeing financial spending and managing compulsive behaviors
  • Relocated Peter to an appropriate assisted living facility (and helped with future relocations)
  • Developed a healthcare plan — directed caregivers to support his specific care needs
  • Provided medical advocacy – managed medical appointments and oversaw care
  • Conducted continuous research to provide mental health advocacy
  • Helped secure the VA Aid and Attendance Pension to relieve his sense of financial insecurity.

Because of the support we gave him, Peter achieved a measure of stability and comfort after years of unease. Living in a more suitable assisted living facility, with his healthcare managed and his finances monitored, Peter experienced much less anxiety and depression and his overall health improved.