Sarah Gains a New Lease on Life

Isolation can be a recipe for depression, especially for single adults in their later years. For Sarah, who was 81 and showing early signs of Alzheimer’s, the loss of her driver’s license isolated her both physically and emotionally. Feeling frightened and depressed, her health began declining rapidly and her family turned to us for support.

Our solution was a combination of counseling and socializing. We recommended the following plan to Sarah and her family:

  • Regular one-on-one counseling
  • Transportation services to her weekly bridge game and church outings
  • The gradual introduction of a live-in caregiver
  • A nutritional plan to improve her digestion and health
  • A physical therapy program to improve her balance and stamina

Engagement creates a new reality

Through counseling, regular outings and some changes to her lifestyle, Sara learned to cope with her new reality. We taught her techniques to help her manage her memory loss and address the associated feelings of anger and grief . As soon as she agreed to a live-in companion, she was able to preserve her social connections and reduce her sense of isolation and depression. Eventually she was able to make a smooth transition to a board-and-care facility. Sarah’s overall life improved with structure and compassionate support.