Success Stories

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Recent Success Stories

At Faenzi Associates, we’re proud of the work we do to support seniors throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We celebrate our success stories and the enhanced lives our clients enjoy because of our care. The stories are all based on real people and situations but the names have been changed to protect their privacy.


At 87 and living alone, Mary was having no fun at all. In fact, she was becoming paranoid and agitated and was neglecting the self-care routines that had once been important to her. She could no longer cook meals safely on her own,


Peter is a 69-year-old man that we’ve been helping for the past eight years. When we first met him, Peter had major chronic health conditions and

Jane and John

Jane and John were an elderly couple facing multiple crises. Jane had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Dementia. Alongside her memory loss and other cognitive issues, she could no longer manage everyday


Sarah was 81 years old and living alone. She was showing early signs of Alzheimer’s disease and had lost her driver’s license—a big blow