End of Life Planning

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End of Life Planning

It can be frightening to think about our own mortality. But it is the ultimate stage of our aging process and we have the choice—if we take it— of how we want this stage to go.

When you make end-of-life plans in advance, you can ensure your own wishes are honored and you make a challenging time a little easier on yourself and your loved ones.

We offer caring support and therapeutic comfort care to assist the individual and loved ones in planning for and moving through the end of life process.

  • We offer recommendations and resources for palliative care or hospice and can put together a team of compassionate caregivers.
  • We take the time to listen and explore each individual’s end of life fears based on unfinished business and unresolved trauma.
  • We provide grief support and resources for the aging adult, family members, friends and caregiver.
  • We ensure every opportunity for pain management, promoting dignity and a peaceful end of life journey.